On the occasion of 75 years of independence celebrations, The Israeli ministry of foreign affairs and Buildinn Innovation LTD are happy to invite you to join us for:

Balkan Innovation Box.

Israeli Innovation Delegations to the Balkan countries
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3 Days of crazy Israeli innovation

Startup Masterclass

(Day 1 + 2)

One Global challenges, Ideation, Design thinking, Value creation, Business model & Validation.

Relevant for Startups, students, entrepreneurs  and intrapreneurs


(Day 3)

One Global challenge, Sustainability + innovation, Culture of innovation, One Panel: israel-balkan, Fail innovation, Opportunities

Relevant for Startups, students, entrepreneurs  and intrapreneurs

Featured speakers

Nir Koren

CEO & Founder,
Buildinn consulting group

Lior Baran

VP Consulting,
Buildinn consulting group

Hadas Eytan

VP Future learning,
Buildinn consulting group

6 locations

Bosnia and

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About us

Buildinn innovation consulting LTD was founded by Nir Koren, an Israeli innovator.
Building is guided by 3 key principles:

Innovation is a multi-layered process

When a process is unclear, organizations feel frustrated. when it is clear, we build layers upon layers so the organization can fully appreciate the value created by each step

Innovation relies on variety of tools

There are over 100 innovation tools available. each tool has a different purpose and can achieve a different outcome. organizations’ ability to select the appropriate tool is essential, as well as the ability to fail fast and cheap

Innovation focuses on areas that the organization is unaware of

Imagine that