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Hi there,
we are Buildinn.

We are here to help you stay relevant in our crazy world.

For organizations and entrepreneurs, the ability to adapt themselves to the rate and impact of changes in our current world is critical to survival and growth. That’s why we build processes, models and tools which promote an organizational culture that enables renewal while maintaining relevance within constant disruption.

Our experience

We have over 15 years of experience in consultancy to some of the largest companies in the market, covering change management processes, innovation promotion within organizations, training, workshops and content development, intra-organizational communication and in-depth familiarization with the Israeli and European innovation ecosystems.

Our services

How do we do it? We focus on consultancy around innovation processes for organizations, and lectures, workshops and courses. These three avenues assist the organization in understanding what innovation is, where it can be integrated, identify critical trends, develop intra-organizational entrepreneurship, build communities, encourage an organizational culture of daring, and creating an impact.


Lectures to familiarize and expose the world of innovation, and lectures for content experts and management on advanced topics.

Workshops & courses

Practical implementable workshops include learning and practicing innovation tools, challenge-solving workshops, intra-organizational innovation courses, digital courses, and customized courses.

Innovation Consultancy for Organizations

Building a work plan that encompasses innovation, forming an innovation unit in the organization, leading organizational change, establishing and managing innovation communities , and implementing innovation tools.

Our team

Nir Koren, Founder & CEO

Lior Baran, VP Consulting

Hadas Eytan, VP Future Learning

Contact us

If you really want to take your organization forward, drive processes of innovation, and challenge current perceptions, we'll be happy to hear from you and think together about how to do it, and fast!

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